Since its establishment, ELETTRONICA SAMMARINESE has owed its success to its ability to provide highly innovative solutions for the industrialisation and production of both electric control panels and machine on board systems, based on complete co-operation with its customers.

This co-operation is, therefore, expressed in the development of targeted solutions relating to:

  • the type of electrical cabinets, whether commercial brands or purpose made to suit specific requirements for functional and aesthetic integration with the machine (customer-designed cabinets)
  • component assembly and wiring in the control unit (PLC, PC, CNC, DC, AC and brushless motor drivers, if necessary configured and customised in accordance with customer requirements)
  • for the machine on board system, the type of wiring, systems for connection and pre-wiring division, to give improved flexibility on the panel connection to the machine
  • wiring marking with a plotter and/or stamping with an ink jet.