The certification which ELETTRONICA SAMMARINESE was awarded back in 1994 according to the international standards indicated by ISO 9001, is the result of maximum attention attitude to customers that ES has always had, ever since it was established. 
In order to achieve this objective:

  1. we design and make electrical equipment to customer specifications;
  2. we use components with universally recognised brands for their quality and reliability for all of our customers (components such as PCs, PLCs, CNCs, switches, contactors, relays, wiring, etc.);
  3. we have installed one of the biggest and most complete automated warehouses in order to meet customer requirements as rapidly as possible;
  4. we use computerised testing equipment which simulates machine operation, testing every part of the wiring diagram, both at a functional level and as regards physical connections, in order to offer our customers even better products;
  5. we guarantee maximum attention to the safety requirements indicated by the legislation and standards in force in the countries to which our customers’ machines are shipped (e.g.: observing EU community directives and UL-CSA standards of the North American market).